Lunch Menu

daily from 12:00 pm until 14:00 pm, at the price of € 6,50

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Monday 12.09.2016 Truffled ravioli served with mustard cream and dried tomatoes
ice cream served with pears
Tuesday 13.09.2016 Tom Ka Gai
chicken curry served with cashew nut, coriander and rice
Wednesday 14.09.2016 Baked pancekas filled with spinach and ricotta served with tomato ragout
chocolate mousse served with chrunchy tonsils
Thursday 15.09.2016 Mixed leaf salad served with baked sliced of potatoes
Ragout of pork served with spaetzle and broccoli
Friday 16.09.2016 Baked tilapia served with potato-endive salad and sauce tatare
semolina cream served with marinated citrus fruits
Saturday 17.09.2016 Clear beef broth served with bacon dumpling
„Schlutzkrapfen“ filled with cheese served with butter
parmesan cheese and green leaf salad
Sunday 18.09.2016 grilled chicken with potato salad
€ 10,20
  • Tiroler Schmankerl
    Tiroler Schmankerl
  • gemütliches Ambietnte
    gemütliches Ambietnte
  • Österreichische Klassiker
    Österreichische Klassiker

„Allergeninformation gemäß Codex-Empfehlung“

A-Glutenhaltiges Getreide, B-Krebstiere, C-Eier, D-Fische, E-Erdnüsse, F-Sojabohne, G-Milch (einschließlich Lactose), H-Schalenfrüchte (Nüsse), L-Sellerie, M-Senf, N-Sesamsamen, O-Schwefeldioxid und Sulfite, P-Lupinen, R-Weichtiere

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