Dinner menu

Let you spoil with a dinner at the Rasmushof

Salats and Starters

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Classic beef tartare with pickled onions, quail eggtoast and butter € 19,80
Salad of white and green asparagus wild garlic vinaigrette and egg € 17,90
Grilled prawns with marinated avocado and tomato chutney € 17,90
Caesar Salad with croutons, cherry tomatoes, parmesan
roasted fillets of chicken
strips of beef tenderloin
€ 12,50
€ 18,90
€ 22,90
Assorted lettuce „à la Rasmushof“ with sliced vegetables and parmesan € 9,30
Small sorted lettuce € 4,20


Gericht: Preis:
Clear beef broth at your choice with sliced pancakes or noodles
or semolina dumplings
€ 5,90
€ 6,50
Clear beef broth with Tyrolian bacon dumplings - chives € 6,90
Creme soup of white asparagus with crunchy Tyrolean bread € 6,50
Creamy risotto of asparagus with braised tomatoes and wild garlic froth € 22,50
Tagliatelle in creamy morels with spinach, pine nuts and parmesan € 24,90
Spaghetti or Penne by choice
with tomato sauce
with sauce Bolognese

€ 9,50
€ 9,50
Homemade cheese noodles with chives and fried onions € 15,20
Tyrolian „Gröst´l“ with bacon, beef tenderloin and fried egg € 15,20

From Our Rivers

Gericht: Preise:
roasted pike perch filet with bavarian cabbage, red Parisienne, potatoes and Lardo-bacon scum € 24,10
arctic char with grilled asparagus,lovage-gnocchi and sauce béarnaise € 24,90

Main Dishes

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“Wiener Schnitzel” served with cranberriesWith your choice of parsley potatoes or French fries € 24,90
Original “Tafelspitz” with roasted potatoes, apple horseradish, creamy spinach and chives sauce € 26,90
Fried breast of chicken with potato and lamb’s lettuce
Styrian pumpkin seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds
€ 19,90
Beef sirloin pan-fried with onionsfried potatoes, string beans and bacon € 25,80
„Streif Burger“
Austrian beef in Tyrolean bread, with bacon, cheddar cheese, red onions, homemade burger sauce, lettuce and French Fries
€ 18,90
Roasted calves liver with mashed potatoes,
glazed apple, bacon and fried onions
€ 19,90
white asparagus with sauce hollandaise and potatoes by choice with
small "Wiener Schnitzel"
medium cooked beef steak
€ 18,80
€ 19,90
€ 24,90
€ 32,90
€ 18,90

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