Impressions from the Rasmushof

Among the listed categories you can find a variety of impressions and some nice videos.

  • Fantastic Rooms & Suites
    Fantastic Rooms & Suites
  • quality room facilities
    quality room facilities
  • dreamlike sleeping area
    dreamlike sleeping area
  • Deluxe suites at Rasmushof
    Deluxe suites at Rasmushof
  • high quality materials
    high quality materials
  • cozy bar area
    cozy bar area
  • international kitchen
    international kitchen
  • cozy restaurants
    cozy restaurants
  • hearty breakfast
    hearty breakfast
  • traditional wine cellar
    traditional wine cellar
  • exquisite wine selection
    exquisite wine selection
  • Wine cellar to feel good
    Wine cellar to feel good

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