The most beautiful guided hiking tours in Kitzbühel

There are lots of guided hiking tours to choose from ..... What’s so special about the "Glückspfade" (trails of bliss)?

Hiking is more than just scaling a mountain. It’s an experience for body, mind and soul, as long as we allow ourselves to embark on it. On the Glückspfade we’ll help you to open your heart and mind to the overwhelming beauty of our nature.

We’ll lead you to places charged with pervasive energy. We’ll draw your attention to treasures that other people pass by heedlessly: the jackdaw letting itself be carried along by the wind, the fragrance of the alpine roses .... A professional local mountain guide will accompany you on your tours. He doesn’t just know the country and the people; he also appreciates how to make our mountain region accessible to you in a very personal and individual way.

We came up with the idea of the Glückspfade together with the "Element 3" event company. In the 2013 hiking season, as a guest of the Rasmushof Golf and Ski Hotel, we’ll be offering you 3 different tours a week from May until October. Our program will be extended during the following years.

On your Glückspfade hiking tour we’ll give you a rucksack for rent filled with everything you’ll need on the mountain: drink and Jause (Austrian snack), binoculars, Tiroler Nussöl sunscreen, first-aid pack, rain shield, information on the tour ....

In the first Glückspfade year 2013 we’ll guide you on 3 selected tours:

  • Auracher Höhenweg – degree of difficulty 1 (gentle) - every Monday
  • Lämmerbühel – degree of difficulty 2 (gentle with slight ascents) - every Wednesday
  • Torsee – degree of difficulty 3 (predominantly slight to medium ascents) - every Friday

Our wonderful mountain region is, however, naturally accessible by many more blissful trails. That’s why you’ll receive a hiking book containing other routes from us when you reserve a Glückspfade hiking tour.

We wish you many uplifting steps and moments on the Glückspfade!